This Taco Bell is a Boozy Paradise

Is it time to get your drink on? Pacifica, CA has a Taco Bell at Linda Mar Beach at it serves the good stuff. What’s better than that may be the location. We are considering this to be the top Taco Bell in all the land! It has spiked Twisted Freezes and other beverages suchContinue reading “This Taco Bell is a Boozy Paradise”

Cast Iron Mozzarella Burger

Pan Seared Burgers: Who said you can’t have an amazing burger on the cooktop? Hopefully no one ever! Cast iron is your best friend in searing beautiful meat. I’m a burger person, what can I say? Try this one with melted fresh mozzarella! Burger Directions: As always, take your ground beef out of the fridgeContinue reading “Cast Iron Mozzarella Burger”