This Taco Bell is a Boozy Paradise

Is it time to get your drink on? Pacifica, CA has a Taco Bell at Linda Mar Beach at it serves the good stuff. What’s better than that may be the location. We are considering this to be the top Taco Bell in all the land! It has spiked Twisted Freezes and other beverages suchContinue reading “This Taco Bell is a Boozy Paradise”

Can the Coronavirus be Transmitted from a Package?

It’s not the package you need to worry about! Studies seem to be everywhere on this one with not a lot of fact checking, oh yeah there are no facts yet. Everything is speculation, if it were so infectious the post office would have closed the doors by now. Early studies stated the virus couldContinue reading “Can the Coronavirus be Transmitted from a Package?”

Pillsbury Cookie Dough Is Safe to Eat Now!

Look we get it, you’re trapped inside your home and you don’t have any idea what to do next… Pillsbury just made that choice so much easier. EAT COOKIE DOUGH Want to hear the best part, it’s now made so that it’s okay to do it and brag to your friends about it. I don’tContinue reading “Pillsbury Cookie Dough Is Safe to Eat Now!”

Restaurants Weak at the Knees

Happy St. Patrick’s Day everyone! If there wasn’t already terrible signs across the US today a normal day with packed bars and restaurants proves to be the exact opposite. Even though we knew it was coming, it is sad to watch. American restaurants are seeing a higher decline in daily traffic. Let’s just be honest,Continue reading “Restaurants Weak at the Knees”

Chick-fil-A is Rolling it’s Bottled Sauces Out!

Get out of town and hide, this news is going to change the way you cook, eat and maybe breathe. Chick-fil-A is taking its dipping sauces to grocery stores, the company made an announcement Wednesday. Chick-fil-A will be selling 16 ounce bottles for $3.49. They will be running a test selling 8 ounce bottles inContinue reading “Chick-fil-A is Rolling it’s Bottled Sauces Out!”

Coronavirus Effecting Food and Beverage

Food business is big business! Did you know the food business has a value of over 4 trillion dollars? Fast food alone in the US took in 200 billion in 2015, these numbers are outrageous right?  What’s one thing that seems to be making an impact on those dollars this year? Yep the Coronavirus, excuseContinue reading “Coronavirus Effecting Food and Beverage”

Sonic Unveils Reese’s Overload

Oh my happiness! First of all I am a huge lover of everything Reese’s most things peanut butter and all things chocolate. My wife just got me a Nostalgia S’mores Kit and guess what came with it! Reese’s and Marshmallow lol Confession, there were also Hershey bars. Sonic has rolled out a new shake andContinue reading “Sonic Unveils Reese’s Overload”

Buffalo Wild Wings BOGO is Back

Yeeeess!!! It’s back! BOGO wings! This use to be my favorite Tuesday night spot. My friends and I went there religiously every week and had contest on who would eat the most. Unfortunately I lost most of the time lol. Wings just seem to be out of this world expensive now days. 10 wings are now 12.99 hereContinue reading “Buffalo Wild Wings BOGO is Back”

Starbucks is Rolling Spring Out

Okay, so we know it’s not spring yet but we are so excited that it’s coming. I mean really, is it fall when PSL’s come out or Christmas when the Chestnut Praline is roasting in your hands?  Let’s face it, we have become a seasonal nation. We associate each season with our favorites of everyContinue reading “Starbucks is Rolling Spring Out”